Woohoo, First Post!


Hello, bloggers! I have created this so I can express my opinions, and then share them with you. You’re probably thinking, “intelligent ignorance, huh?” so, I’ll explain myself. When I was deciding on what to name my blog, I was stuck for awhile. Then, I thought about the one thing I see in the world that I don’t think many others do, and thus intelligent ignorance was born. Think about it, how can you be completely intelligent? There’s so much to learn; it is impossible to rid yourself of all ignorance! Well, I don’t want to confuse or bore you, so I’ll move on if I haven’t scared you away yet.

I would say my life is pretty average, but I’d be lying.  Between my psychotic acquaintances (yeah..) and huge dreams, you’ll come to know me pretty quick. But, I can’t say you’ll understand me.

Me in a Nutshell:

1. I want to practice law or work with international relations.

2. I am a nerd (and my heart goes out to all my fellow geeks).

3. I can get too carried away with the parties sometimes..

4. I am convinced love exists, but I am just too awkward to find it.

5. I believe all (well, maybe) people have love  if they can dig deep enough in themselves.

6. To be honest, honesty is the best policy.

7. Faith in others and yourself is the most important ingredient for success.

8. I believe in karma, and yes, it is a bitch.

Follow me, I’ll start a social revolution.


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